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About Stephan Smith


I am a painter.  I have a love of paint and digital media. Whether I apply paint or pixels, my work is simply to bring vibrancy to the scenes and objects that resonate with me.

I'm drawn to the beauty of summer and the memories and places derived from that carefree season. They may be things from childhood that present tender memories or places that have sentimental meaning for me. I'm not shy with color and use it dynamically to draw you from across the room.


 The abstracts are purely expressive and take me far away from reality. They are images that come to me in the dark of night. It is as if they are trying to be seen and wish to be rendered. In these works serendipity and other unexpected moments happen... often by using a wide variety of media, from hair dyes and shoe polish to food coloring as well as acrylic and oil paints.


My experimental digital work is my third area of interest. I'm not a writer, but I do have stories ( digital poetry ) that play out in my head. So I create illustrated stories by designing images and augment with a hybrid Ai. The digital realm allows for speed and speaks in unexpected and unusual ways.  


I hope you enjoy the portfolio containing some of my work. For more information on the gallery or work you wish to explore commissioned work, I can be reached at 503-432-5165 or


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