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About Stephan Smith

I am on divergent paths. I have a love of paint and digital media. I cannot figure which road to take, so unlike Robert Frost, I can travel both.


On canvas, I select ordinary and innocuous objects that have special meaning to the owner, to me or to a wider audience. It could be a children's wading pool, a creamsicle or special gift. I like to give these objects a stage and treat them as iconic symbols.


In the digital media, I select based on a whim or passing interest. I push, pull, extract, buildup and degrade. I don't know where this process takes me until I land on it. Some may think I have no style and they are quite right. New media allows that to happen.


I hope you enjoy the portfolio containing some of my work. For more information on the work or work you wish to be commissioned, I can be reached at 503-432-5165 or


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